Third Time’s the Charm?

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Happy Holidays from the Technically Running Crew – Meagan here!

There have been some BIG changes since the last time we updated this blog in 2017. In that time we…

  1. Moved to a new city for my new job.
  2. Bought a house.
  3. Did a ton of traveling for work and fun.
  4. Trained for and ran an Olympic triathlon with Steve’s sister and brother-in-law.
  5. Had a baby girl named Alice!


Photo credit: Rachel Lutz.

…and those are only a few of the highlights from what has been a very busy couple of years! I’ve periodically thought about picking the blog back up, but haven’t felt like I’ve had the mental energy for it, and with the exception of the triathlon in 2018, I haven’t stuck to a consistent running schedule/training plan. A few months ago, though, one of my best friends, Allie (who will be joining us as a guest writer soon!), mentioned she was interested in running the half marathon at Crater Lake National Park in August 2020, and I immediately jumped on that idea! A race at high elevation (7000+ feet!), with huge hills, a pretty fast finish time cut-off, and rated one of the toughest in the country? Sign me up!

Now that I’m getting back into running with a big goal in mind, I’m facing some new challenges, like how to schedule training around having a young kid, how to safely lose weight/workout while breastfeeding, and how to train for a race at high elevation when I live in one of the flattest places in the country! What better way to chronicle this new endeavor, which will undoubtedly include new gear and training methods, and stay motivated, than by writing about it?

So, if you’re still with me, stay tuned for new posts with fresh perspectives and new writers. In the meantime, if you have gear you’d like for us to review, please reach out in the comments or via email ([email protected]). You can also get social with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!