After our first 10K at the Haunted Hustle in Middleton, WI.

What is Technically Running?

Technically Running started in November 2011 as a way for us, founders Meagan and Steve, to stay motivated and get in shape for our wedding in May 2012. We were fairly new to running, having only started in June 2011, but quickly fell in love with it after putting on our first pair of Vibram FiveFingers a few weeks into our running career. In addition to our interest in minimalist shoes, we found that we also enjoy testing out new gear and gadgets. So, Technically Running was born as a way to motivate ourselves by sharing our reviews of shoes and fitness-related products, and running (and now triathlon) experiences, with you! Of course, what started as a motivational tool has grown into so much more. More than 8 years, many 5k’s/10k’s/half-marathons, a couple sprint/Olympic triathlons, a Half Ironman, and a full marathon later, we’re stepping back into blogging after an extended break with fresh perspectives and new gear!

Initially, we chose the name Technically Running to emphasize the “technical” aspect of some of the gadgets we test and review. Over time, the meaning of the name Technically Running evolved such that while this blog is technically about running, we also enjoy sharing thoughts about our fitness journeys in general. Some of the products we highlight and subjects we address may not always be specific to running. Ultimately, we hope our site will cater to a wide range of people, from long-term runners, to beginners, to people with just a general interest in fitness.

Meet the TR Crew!

When we started Technically Running, it was just the two of us (Meagan and Steve) writing. Now, we have grown to a team of six writers. These writers cover a wide range of fitness levels, from beginning runners to an Ironman-in-Training. You can learn more about them below!

[Profiles coming soon!]


Disclosure Statement
Some of the shoes and products we review on this site are provided to us to test at no cost or at a reduced price. We strive to offer unbiased, thorough, and honest reviews of each shoe or product, and receive no monetary compensation for them. All of the opinions published on Technically Running are our own and were in no way influenced by the companies providing us with their shoe or other product to test. If you have any questions about a specific shoe or product that we have reviewed, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].