Nike Free Commercial – I Would Run To You

Steve AnkneyGeneral1 Comment

Thanks to my mother, it was brought to my attention that a new commercial for minimalist (or “minimalish” depending on your opinion of the Nike Free) shoes has been released.  It is actually surprising to me that Nike has been so quiet in regard to its advertising of the Frees, considering I have seen them nearly everywhere.  Frankly, I am not a huge fan of the shoe but this commercial really struck a chord with me.  I continue to get excited every time I see a commercial for the minimalist community.

The commercial opens up with a quick introduction of a male and female character.  As the music begins (song available for download here), you quickly realize they are running to one another from two very different locations.  The female is wearing the Nike Free Run 3 and the man is wearing some outdated pair of running shoes.  As the commercial progresses, the male character begins to falter because of his poor running gear, while the female character continues to run toward him, feeling light and easy in her Nike Frees.  Watch it below and then let us know your impressions in the comments! How do you think Nike’s new commercial stacks up against the New Balance Minimus commercial?