New Balance Minimus Commercial

Steve AnkneyGeneral2 Comments

Over the weekend, while Meagan and I were enjoying our normal Saturday morning TV show marathon on Hulu, we came across a gem of a commercial from New Balance.  We were thrilled to see the first (at least the first we’ve seen) minimalist shoe commercial to finally hit the air.  It is great to see that New Balance is putting so much focus on this project considering they are one of the most mainstream players in the minimalist/barefoot shoe market and have the power to bring the knowledge of minimalist runners to the forefront of the sport of running (no, I am not including “minimalish” shoes like the Nike Free).

The commercial is set in the forest with two actors, one a runner and the other a barefoot martial artist, and uses a red New Balance Minimus Trail 20 v2 as its subject.  It is intended as an introduction of the New Balance Minimus line to the masses (don’t forget to check out Ally’s guest review of the New Balance Minimus WT20).  It is titled “New Balance Minimus – ‘Dojo'” which leads me to believe this could be the first commercial in a series of many, but anyway, without further ado, I give you New Balance’s new commercial:

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