New Team Member: Jordan

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Hello!  My name is Jordan and I currently reside in Madison, WI – one of the best cities in the nation!  I have been involved in athletics and fitness activities ever since I can remember.  For the past 3 years I have worked alongside Steve at Robert Half Technology.  Steve and I have had hundreds of conversations regarding fitness, running and shoes.  In addition to talking about it, we have both competed in the same half marathons and, last summer, completed the Ironman 70.3 in Racine, WI.  Throughout that time, I have considered writing articles about my experiences but have never put the pen to paper, until now!  So here is a little introduction to my wonderful world of fitness!

Since I was a baby, not even able to walk yet, I was surrounded by sports.  My dad was a great basketball player in high school and played a little bit in college.  In high school, my mom played volleyball and competed in cheerleading competitions.  Growing up, I first started playing basketball; that grew to playing basketball, soccer, baseball and football.  While attending Oregon High School in Oregon, WI, I played both soccer and basketball for 4 years, 3 of those years on varsity.  I was lucky enough to receive multiple All-Conference Awards throughout my time in high school.  Needless to say I have always had a passion for competing, sports and staying active.

After high school I attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing!  My time at UW-Whitewater was filled with fitness classes, intramurals and working multiple internships for the athletic department.  At the same time, I discovered a revived interest in running and doing cardio.  Working out was not just about preparation for the current sports season, it was about staying shape and feeling good about my body.  While playing organized sports, the strength training and workouts were specific to what was going to help me and the team the most.  Being an individual and relying on myself to continue to work out was a little different for me.  I got a lot more into weight lifting, building strength and body mass.  Currently, I clock in at 6’2 and about 180 pounds, so being a professional body builder was, and never will be, in my cards, but I still love to weight lift!  It is a great stress reliever for me.  In addition to lifting weights more consistently, I discovered an interest for group fitness classes, running, and expanding my cardio regiment.  Being diverse and switching things up is something that I still highly believe in today.

To this day I constantly switch up my fitness routine.  Some of the activities I participate in now include: weight lifting, swimming, biking, running, Crossfit, basketball, sand volleyball, soccer, flag football, half marathons, Crazylegs Classic 8K Race, sprint triathlons and I am considering participating in the Ironman 140.6 in summer of 2016.

Thank you for taking time to read my very brief introduction to my world of fitness!  I really look forward to expanding on many other aspects going forward.  Topics I hope to cover include the Crazylegs Classic, my reasons for working out, diet, use of supplements, pros/cons of Crossfit, weight lifting workouts, product reviews and much more!