Barbell Denim: Functional Denim for Athletes

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Finding a pair of jeans that fits well is one of my least favorite things to do. Not only are my legs several inches longer than most people’s, but I have a generous helping of thigh and butt relative to my waist. This means that I am often forced to buy jeans that are an inch or two too large in the waist, and then I’m left constantly fighting to keep them from sliding down when I move around. Building muscle in my legs from running, and losing weight (which preferentially happens from my waist), has only made this problem worse! Because of this, I was really excited to find out about a Kickstarter campaign from Barbell Apparel, an LA-based company that is aiming to create functional denim for athletes that accommodates their larger (more muscular) quads and butts, while still fitting well at the waist. The jeans are also intended to allow for more freedom of movement. You can learn all about them and the Kickstarter campaign in the video below:

The Kickstarter campaign has 10 days remaining, so there’s still time to reserve a pair of your own from their initial production run. Barbell Apparel has completely blown their original $15,000 goal out of the water with over $593,000 currently pledged towards the project. The jeans are available in a slim or bootcut fit for women (waist size 24-33) and a straight or bootcut fit for men (waist size 28-40). There are also a couple of different inseam length options. I’m particularly excited that they are offering a 36″ inseam for women, because they’ll actually fit my long legs! I should also note that the jeans are not just meant for athletes; Barbell Apparel just recommends that you order a size down from your normal size if you don’t have a larger butt/thigh to waist ratio.

I reserved a pair about a week ago, so I’ll be sure to update you on how they look/fit when I get them later this summer!