The Day After the Marathon

Steve AnkneyGeneral4 Comments

We did it!  Meagan and I both completed our first marathons this past Sunday, and since then, we’ve been trying to heal up by staying off our feet, rolling out the sore spots with a foam roller and The Stick, and wearing our recovery socks as much as possible.  For anyone who has completed a marathon (or other particularly difficult race/run), or for those minimalist runners out there who have experienced “calfocalypse” after going for their first big run in minimalist shoes, you can easily relate to the pain and discomfort that can accompany just general walking (or even just moving from sitting to standing and vice versa).

I felt that after Meagan’s recent post about marathon thoughts (which was posted two days before the big event), we should share a video that exhibits the “after thoughts”.  This one is actually an ad from April 2007 by the health food company Flora, who was the lead sponsor of the London Marathon that year.

I can definitely relate to the guy who is terrified to walk up the stairs.  My trip to work includes two flights of stairs, and the first day back involved a lot of soreness, waddling, and very slow walking.

We’ve always suggested that people use The Stick to take care of their sore muscles, but we’d love to hear what other options our readers have come up with.  What methods have you used to deal with sore legs after a big race?