Nutrition Experiment: Week 4, Protein – Part 2

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Protein week is at an end, so lets look at the numbers.  Surprisingly enough, more fat was consumed this week than during fat week (an increase of 33% was also seen compared to the control week).  One notable difference this week, however, is that the fat was mainly from mixed animal and plant-based sources. Overall, protein consumption increased 15% from the control week.

This discrepancy in fat intake comes from the fact that many foods that are high in protein are also high in fat.  My diet this week consisted of of eggs over easy with sliced ham for breakfast, breakfast bagels for lunch, and a meat with cheese and a few veggies for dinner. Snacks consisted of mainly yogurt.

As you would expect, I felt similar to how I did in week 2 when I focused on fats.  I experienced less nausea than during my carb week and had more energy.  Not just more energy though, but also more balance.  Overall, I felt more centered and my energy and performance was noticeably more even and smooth.

My moods were also improved.  I felt happier, more focused, and more confident.  I looked forward to my runs and knew that I could push through if things got tough.

All in all, protein week was great.  I enjoyed the food and felt good on my runs.  A win-win in my book, although the role of fat vs. protein is still somewhat up in the air.


Feel good running tip:

Good running form is not only more efficient, but helps prevent injury.  It is also a good thing to focus on when things get tough.  Check your cadence (step rate) and focus on landing on your mid-foot, instead of thinking about how tired you feel.

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