Nutrition Experiment Week 2: Fats

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OK, so now that we’ve established a baseline, it’s time to have some fun, and do some research. This week is all about fats.  Fats are used by the body to maintain the cell membrane, aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, and provide fuel and body cushioning, among other things.  This being said, as a running fuel, fats are not ideal.  Fats take many more steps for the body to breakdown into the magic stuff ATP, and then carbs, which reduces metabolic efficiency.  Not ideal, but good in a pinch.

So, now for the diet.  As we all know, not all fats are equal.  Some fats are good, and some bad.  In other words, McDonald’s is not on the menu this week (Mmmmmm…cheeseburger),  One rule of thumb is to avoid fats that are solid at room temperature.  Instead, I am going to up my intake of healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil, as well as a healthy amount of nuts, while cutting down the carbs and protein.  Fatty fish and avocado are also good choices for healthy fats.

How is it working? Surprisingly well so far!  I have to say I was a little shocked.  On my 2 runs, one short and one long so far this week, I have felt intriguingly better.  I still have my initial stomach queasiness, but it is definitely different.  It is more mellow and gassy (sorry, I have to be honest), and less acidic than before.  My enthusiasm and overall mood are about the same, however, I have noticed a bit more overall energy as well, which is exciting to say the least.

It has been really great to be chugging along at points that I felt sick at before.  Who knew fat, and nuts could be so awesome?  I definitely recommend.  So, for now I will continue working on the fats, and keep pushing it along.

Feel Good Tip of the Week – Drink water before you run.  It may sound stupid, and obvious, but hydration an hour or so before you run and not just on your run can make a world of difference.

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