“Every day is a good day when you run.”

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Hello, Internet, and welcome to Technically Running! Right about now, you’re probably wondering who we are and why we’re here, so let’s hit the ground running (yes, we like puns here).

The Who:

Your two hosts are soon-to-be-married running partners, Meagan and Steve. Meagan is a graduate student and avid volcano and pie enthusiast. Steve, a senior recruiter at a staffing company, is a self-proclaimed nerd and lover of all things Apple. We began our running journey together about 6 months ago and recently finished our first 10k race!

The Why:

What started as a way to get in shape for our impending nuptials has now become a real passion in our lives. Henry David Thoreau put it best when he said, “Methinks that the moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow.” It follows that even in only 6 months of running, we’ve built up quite the backlog of thoughts we’d like to share about our journey to become (and continue to be) runners! We therefore wanted to create a running blog that represents the experiences of two people who are at an early stage in their running careers. We hope that this will not only help to motivate other running novices, but help to keep us motivated, too!

The other major motivating factor in creating Technically Running is directly related to one of the ways we like to stay motivated to run. While some may have a very minimalist approach to running (i.e. just you, your thoughts, and the road), we both enjoy trying out various gadgets and equipment specifically related to running or to fitness in general. Nothing gets us out on the road faster than a new gizmo to test out! Now, we have a way to let everyone know what we like, what we don’t, what we can’t live without, and what we think should never have made it to the production line.

The What:

On this site, you’ll find posts about our personal running experiences. Many will feature our thoughts on and/or reviews of various running/fitness gadgets, gear, and technologies. We’ll also update you on what keeps us motivated, our progress, and our goals. Please check back soon for our first (non-introductory) post where Steven will give you the low-down on what we thought about the Jawbone Up.